About NRL

New River Labs (NRL) develops and commercializes diagnostic and prognostic assays for various cell/tissue-based diseases. Through the use of histology guided mass spectrometry profiling and machine learning algorithms, we are able to evaluate the proteomic contents of targeted cells and to develop a spectral fingerprint for disease diagnosis and/or treatment responsiveness. Our assays provide clinicians with actionable intelligence to develop personalized treatment plans, leading to improved patient outcomes. We are completing the development of melanoma diagnostic and esophageal cancer prognostic assays that we intend to commercialize in 2019. As part of our assay commercialization efforts, we are constructing a CLIA-certified, CAP-accredited clinical laboratory.



NRL is expanding its research and development pipeline. We are actively seeking collaborative research partnerships with principal investigators and key opinion leaders to address the unmet needs of clinicians focused on the diagnosis and personalized treatment of cancers, autoimmune diseases, and other cell/tissue-based diseases. 

Our Team

Erin H. Seeley, PhD

Dr. Seeley is a co-founder of NRL and serves as its Chief Technology Officer. In this capacity, Dr. Seeley leads the company’s research and development efforts in evaluating and validating new diagnostic and prognostic assays as well as transitioning these assays to the company’s CLIA-certified/CAP-accredited production environment. Prior to NRL, Dr. Seeley worked for Protea Biosciences where she led the company’s MALDI mass spectrometry imaging efforts, with a particular focus on clinical applications. 

Dr. Seeley started her career at the Mass Spectometry Tissue Profiling and Imaging Core Laboratory at Vanderbilt University, where she initially served as a postdoctoral researcher and later served as an Associate Director under the direction of Dr. Richard Caprioli. During her time at Vanderbilt, Dr. Seeley worked closely with various researchers in the design and implementation of projects utilizing mass spectrometry imaging to answer clinically challenging questions. This work resulted in over 30 peer-reviewed publications as well as presentations at a variety of scientific forums. Dr. Seeley was instrumental in establishing Vanderbilt as the first NIH-funded National Resource for Mass Spectrometry Imaging.

Dr. Seeley received her BS in Chemistry from Penn State University, where her research focused on mass spectrometry applications in environmental chemistry. She then received a doctorate in analytical chemistry from Purdue University, where her research focused on phosphoproteomics.

Matthew Powell, PhD

Dr. Powell is a co-founder of NRL and serves as its Chief Operating Officer. In this capacity, Dr. Powell leads the company’s operations, including its CLIA-certified/CAP-accredited laboratory. Prior to NRL, Dr. Powell worked for Protea Biosciences where he ultimately served as the Chief Science Officer and later served as Vice President of Research and Development. At Protea, he managed the new product and technology development pipeline, established external research collaborations and technology partnerships, and developed the intellectual property strategy.

Dr. Powell received BS degrees in biology and chemistry from West Virginia Wesleyan College. He then received a doctorate in analytical chemistry from West Virginia University, where his research focused on seawater proteomics.

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